On June 10, 2014, the Ningxia Association of Canada was officially announced. The first president was Zhang Hong, a dance artist who has been active on the local stage in recent years.

The first council members of the newly established Canadian Ningxia Association are: Chairman Zhang Hong, Chairman Fu Sun Rongbing, Duan Ran, Secretary General Wang Yu, Director Chen Gong, Chen Hong, Li Xingxing, Huang Xiping, Huang Tao, Huang Gang, Wang Xudong. The honorary chairman of the association is lawyer Chen Bingding.

According to reports, the Ningxia Association will hold regular festival gatherings every year to gather the centripetal force and participation of Toronto and Ningxia. Actively participate in various charity and networking activities organized by local Chinese communities to show the contributions of Ningxia fellow villagers to Canadian and overseas Chinese society. Provide employment, tax, legal assistance and other information to new immigrants in Ningxia, and provide emergency assistance when necessary. Provide visas, travel, visits and other information to students and visitors in Ningxia. Regularly organize bilateral visits and exchanges between Ningxia and Canada to maintain the collective interests and reputation of Ningxia fellow villagers and associations, expand overseas society’s awareness of Ningxia, provide bilateral economic and trade information, and help overseas businesses have the opportunity to expand various businesses in Ningxia. The company or unit can attract excellent overseas talents and realize business opportunities in Canada.

The contact address of the Canadian Association of Ningxia: Suite 813, 2343 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1V 3L6. Tel: 416-880-0313 or 647-534-6991, Email: cnxa@outlook.com.

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