Jiangxi Association of Canada, is a non-profit organization registered by the Canadian government with its registered address in Toronto.

The purpose of the Jiangxi Association of Hometowns is to provide a platform for Jiangxi elders and their descendants to connect with fellow villagers in Canada, unite the will of fellow villagers, and carry forward the spirit of mutual love; to promote friendly exchanges between Jiangxi and Canada, as well as economic and cultural exchanges. Cooperation to build a bridge.

Jiangxi Hometown Association was established in 1996. The association has a council composed of about 20 members. The directors are obliged to work for the association, responsible for the management of the association, organizing activities and liaison with the outside world. The board of directors elects a president, several vice-presidents and a secretary-general to be responsible for the specific work of the board. The past presidents of the Association: Yue Zhongying, Tian Yunyan, Luo Haojin, Kou Shan, Lai Dehua and Zhong Xing. Huang Lan is the current president.

The previous councils have upheld the purpose of the fellow villagers’ associations and wholeheartedly served the fellow villagers. Over the past 18 years, the Jiangxi Association has grown from more than 100 members to more than 3000 registered members. While serving the Jiangxi compatriots, the Association has also actively participated in community activities and has become a small well-known organization in the Toronto area, especially in the Chinese area.

Jiangxi fellows are proud to be from Jiangxi, because Jiangxi has outstanding people, wonderful things, abundant celebrities, and brilliant culture. In order to inherit and carry forward Jiangxi’s fine tradition of emphasizing education, encourage the descendants of Jiangxi fellow villagers to study hard, continue to pursue their parents’ dreams of immigrants, and establish the Jiangxi Fellowship Education Scholarship in 2012. Since 2013, this scholarship has been awarded to children from the same township who have entered a college or above. In 2013 and 2014, 4 and 6 students won awards respectively. The education scholarship has received great help and support from fellow villagers, especially successful people in Jiangxi.

Jiangxi fellows came to Canada not far away. Whether they are newcomers or old seniors who have lived and worked in peace and contentment, everyone has a common wish, that is, hope that their hometown will be prosperous and strong, and hope to contribute to the development and progress of Jiangxi. For this reason, the Jiangxi Fellowship Association seeks opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between Jiangxi and Canada every year. For example, in 2013, Ganzhou City and Markham City were promoted to establish sister cities, paving the way for wider and deeper exchanges between the two cities.

In order to have its own venue for activities and better serve the fellow villagers, the Association submitted a report on the purchase of land to the Markham City Government in early 2014, and it has been approved by the Markham City Government. Among all the Chinese associations in Canada, the Jiangxi Association is the only one that has plans to build a museum. This is a big thing, a good thing, and it is also a matter for everyone. It requires the joint efforts of fellow villagers. Looking to the future, in a few years, fellow villagers in Jiangxi will have their own pavilion-Ganjiang pavilion, where we often get together!

The vastness of the ocean, the feelings of constantly missing hometown;

With the passage of time, Tao can’t exhaust the nostalgia for the land of Ganpo.

Let us in the big family of the Jiangxi Association of Hometowns, pass on the accent, narrate the nostalgia, and move forward hand in hand in a foreign country to build a beautiful home.

Website: http://www.jxcanada.com/index.html

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