The Jiangsu Association of Canada was established in January 2017 with Mr. Wang Haicheng as the founding president. The new council was elected in May 2020, with Mr. Wu Weidong as its chairman. Wang Yuchuan is the chairman of the board of supervisors, Guo Jianjun is the executive chairman, and the secretary-general is Zheng Lixin. Faced with the sudden outbreak of Covid 19, the Jiangsu Association of Canada is fully committed to supporting domestic anti-epidemic activities. President Wu Weidong and Vice President Wang Yuchuan (President of the Yangzhou Association) led a group of volunteers to purchase large quantities of Canadian anti-epidemic materials and organize donations of money and materials. In order to support China at the fastest speed, we use the fastest UPS express to quickly transfer anti-epidemic supplies. We arranged materials and money before and after the equivalent of more than 500,000 yuan. After the epidemic spread to Canada, the Jiangsu Association of Canada immediately began to move to help the Canadian healthcare system and overseas Chinese in anti-epidemic activities. We have donated 20,000 Canadian dollars in cash and N95 masks to the North York General Hospital; we have donated 50,000 protective masks to long-term care homes, University of Waterloo, and food banks in most regions in conjunction with the Shenzhen Federation of Canada. In August, we organized another 40,000 protective masks to donate to the majority of overseas Chinese and overseas students in Jiangsu. During the epidemic, Chairman Wu Weidong alone helped 56 international students and solved most thorny problems.
The Jiangsu Association of Canada is willing to work with the Chinese and overseas Chinese to contribute to the friendship and mutual understanding between the people of China and Canada!
Contact: Wu Weidong: 647 919 9118
Guo Jianjun: 647 537 0808

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