The Hubei Association of Canada (English: The Hubei Association of Canada) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization. Its purpose is to use fellowship as a link to promote communication, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, and common development, to assist fellow villagers to integrate into the mainstream society of Canada. At the same time, it actively cares about and supports the prosperity and development of the hometown, and promotes the exchanges and cooperation between Canada and Hubei Province in various fields such as science and technology, culture, economy and trade, and talents.
Over the past 18 years since its establishment, the Hubei Association of Canada has dedicated itself to contacting and uniting the Hubei folks and serving the Hubei folks. It has organized a series of colorful activities and has made due contributions to enriching the cultural life of the local Hubei folks.
Membership of Hubei Association of Canada:
Anyone who has lived, studied or worked in Hubei and their relatives and friends can become a member as long as they support the constitution of the Canadian Hubei Association.

Board members
Council of Hubei Association of Canada

President: Wang Wei
Vice Presidents: Luo Liangzhi, Mo Xiangwu, Peng Liping
Secretary General: Zhang Chunxia
Deputy Secretary-General: Hu Lan, Gong Tianfu
Executive Directors: Zhao Guiping, Zhang Kun, Yang Huimin, Han Minghui

Directors: Wei Dong, Xu Wen, Tao Daijun, Huang Bingling, Wang Jinghua, Zhang Xiaoyan, Han Li, Xiong Lei, Yi Juan, Chen Zhibing
Advisors: Yang Shen, Lu Yuefeng, Chen Shaojun, Zhang Xiajing


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