The Heilongjiang Association of Canada was formed on the basis of the Harbin Association, with the purpose of enhancing members’ sense of identity with their hometowns, so as to attract more folks and friends who live, work, and study in Heilongjiang to participate. The Harbin Association has a history of 5 years in Toronto and is an active and mature society in the Chinese community. Since its establishment, various outdoor outings, Spring Festival gala and other activities have been held successively, which are well received by everyone. In this year’s China Festival, winning the collective tug-of-war competition for the fourth consecutive time, which also reflects the popularity of the association from one side.

President: Ma Hui

Phone: 416-888-0200

Council list
Zhang Wei: 416-948-4285
Zhao Ruixue: 416-816-2051
Gao Jicai: 416-509-8081

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