The Canadian association of hebei province
President: Jie Zhang
Contact number: 6472066618
Email address:
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  Hebei Association of Canada (HBAC) is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization registered by the Canadian government. The Council of the Canadian Hebei Association, while using the nostalgia as a link, creates a platform for the Hebei folks in Canada to exchange information, help each other, live and work in peace, and build a new home. It is actively paying attention to and supporting the prosperity and development of Yanzhao land At the same time, it will build a bridge for the development of Hebei folks in Canada. The Council of the Canadian Hebei Association is the most basic authority for the election of the president, vice president, and secretary-general of the Canadian Hebei Association and the implementation of daily activities.

The members of the 9th Canadian Hebei Association Council are as follows:

President: Zhang Jie

Chairman: Niu Jianhua

Honorary Chairman: Lu Shuangxing, Sun Zhidong

Vice Presidents: Li Hezeng, Li Xiaoling, Liu Fang

Secretary-General: Li Xiaoling

Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Sha

Directors: Niu Jianhua, Zhang Jie, Lu Shuangxing, Sun Zhidong, Li Hezeng, Li Xiaoling, Liu Fang, Peng Ning, Zhang Sha, Guo Junfang

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