The Guangxi Association of Canada was incorporated in Toronto in May 2000. The English language Guangxi Association of Canada.
The first and second presidents Li Hongxun, the third president Pan Guixing, the fourth and fifth presidents Fang Qigang, the sixth president Tang Qiang, the seventh and eighth presidents Lan Baoxian, the ninth President and current President Fang Qigang. The Association is composed of 15 directors and 5 supervisors. The board of directors is in charge of the chairman, and the board of supervisors is in charge of the chairman of supervisors. The president is responsible for the work of the entire association. The Guangxi Association of Canada organizes two important activities every year, namely, summer carnival outdoor activities, and winter celebration of the Spring Festival indoor party, which is almost unstoppable. In the 2020 World Epidemic Year, the Guangxi Association of Canada held a large-scale indoor event on January 18, 2020.

The contact number of Guangxi Association of Canada is 4162759863


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