The Fifth and 2019 CONCO Volleyball Championship kicked off on June 22 at Pan Am centre in Markham. This volleyball tournament is hosted by the Council of Newcomer Organizations. The competition will last two days. A total of 179 games and nearly 500 players participated in the competition. These were volleyball teams from 40 provincial associations and other communities.

The volleyball game grew out of nothing, and has developed into the most distinctive and large-scale sports competition in the Canadian Chinese community, which has exerted a great influence in the Chinese community. This competition attracted the participation of many volleyball enthusiasts, and at the same time mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of Chinese and overseas Chinese to participate, and promoted the friendship between fellow associations.

This competition was fierce and exciting. The level of the competition has been significantly improved compared to previous competitions. The teams performed their best during the competition. The smooth progress of the competition is inseparable from the strong support of the hometown association and the hard work of the organizing committee. This time, the organizing committee has many staff to serve the competition, and at the same time, it is inseparable from the silent dedication of the volunteers. The youngest volunteer is only 11 years old and is doing what he can with his parents.

The cheerleading team of the Heilongjiang team is also a beautiful landscape on the competition field. The female cheerleader dances with a fan and chants slogans. This time, the Canadian national youth athlete Steven Kung also participated in the competition, as the second Chinese immigrants. Dai not only actively participated in the volleyball tournament in the hometown club, but also performed better in the game. No matter who made a mistake, he always high-five and encourage the players to score goals. They also embraced and celebrated. They played a bright, positive and positive energy throughout the game. Incisively and vividly, it has been praised by everyone.

At the awards party, Consul General Han of the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto first wished the Canadian Chinese Association of Chinese Associations 2019 Volleyball Championship a complete success. At the same time, since the establishment of the volleyball championship, the organization has become better and better and the number of participants has increased. In his speech, President Han said, “The Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations has carried out many fruitful activities in recent years, and has also demonstrated the positive spirit of the Chinese community. He hopes that he will continue to work to broadly unite Chinese new immigrants in the future to promote the Chinese community. Continue to make new contributions to the development and enrichment of Canadian multiculturalism and the deepening of China-Canada friendship.”

Mr. Zhu Jiang, Executive Chairman of the Council of Newcomer Organizations, pointed out in his speech: “The success of this competition is inseparable from everyone’s hard work. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers. Fine, all members of the volleyball competition organizing committee have worked hard for the success of the volleyball competition; thanks to the support of the three-level governments and the Chinese consulate in Toronto, thank the sponsors for their generous dedication, and especially for the Guangdong Taishan team, Liaoning team The Shanghai team offered commendations for unity and cooperation.” Finally, Chairman Zhu Jiang once again expressed his heartfelt thanks and blessings to all participants in the two-day competition.

Mr. Qi Yong, the chairman of the organizing committee of this tournament and one of the co-chairs of the Association, and Mr. Zhao Yuanpeng, Director of the Sports Department of the Association, also delivered enthusiastic speeches. They respectively elaborated on the development of the Association’s Volleyball Championship and the fellows. The association has made efforts and contributions in the development of community sports, and expressed its sincere gratitude to all supporters and participants.

At the same time, the provincial councillor Mr. Ke Wenbin and the city councilman Mr. He Hujing were also present to congratulate them. They highly praised the competitive spirit of the volleyball game and the cohesion of the hometown association, and also issued congratulatory letters. Chen Ying, Managing Director of Xueyi International, and Feng Yu, Marketing Director, Mr. Guo Jianmin, Vice President of HSBC Bank of Canada, Gu Weimin of WM Wealth Real Estate Finance Group, Zhu Jiang of Xiyu Catering Group, Pan Wenli, President of Volleyball Training School Pan Wenli, Vice President of Global Education He Rainbow sponsors and others presented various awards in the cheerful music.

First, the Excellent Volunteer Award was awarded, followed by the Best Player Award. The best player in the 45-year-old category was Felix, and the 35-year-old best player in the category was Tom Shi. The best player in the open category is Jason Yeung of Tianlai Doors and Windows. .

The 45-year-old team’s best player awards are Kingsley of Heilongjiang team; Kevin Ma of Tianjin team; Li Xiang of Beijing team; Lin Feng of Fujian team; Tang Xiangyi of Zhejiang team; Gong Yanwen of Guizhou team; Ma Jin of Jiangxi team; Cao Guobang of Guangdong Team; Huang Deming of Inner Mongolia Team; Yu Dawei of Anhui Team; Matt Ho of Xinjiang Team; Fu Jianping of Shanxi Team; Li Xia of Shandong Team; Leo Zhang of Sichuan Team; Hu Xianjun of Jilin Team; Qiu Junmei of Qinghai Team; Liaoning Team Karen Ma from the team; Wu Junhong from the Hebei team;
The best player awards for the 35-year-old team are:
Justin Chan of Heilongjiang team; Li Jia of Beijing team; Lisa Yang of Fujian team; Alan Chan of Zhejiang team; Jason Lei of Hubei team; Yan Juyue of Hainan team; Zhao Zhuohan of Guangdong team; Maggie Zhou of Shanghai team; Jack of Inner Mongolia team Wong; Wang Diwen from Shandong; Lauren Wong from Xinjiang; Sharon Tsui from Yunnan; Li Tao from Jilin; Julie Li from Sichuan; Colin LI from Liaoning;
The best players in the open category are Josh Nicholson of Yinfei Music; Kathy Wu of Longshang Tianlai Doors and Windows Team; Edward Lee of Lijia Real Estate Phoenix Team; Yashar Mesgar of Lijia Real Estate HOMA Team; Nick FOBIH of HP Flooring Team; WM WEALTH Real Estate of
Jordan Darlington; Andrew of Remax Daisheng team;
The winners and runners-up of this competition are:
45-year-old category
Group A:
Champion: Heilongjiang Country Association Representative Team;
Runner-up: Representative team from Guangdong Association;
Third runner-up: Team of Tianjin Association;
Group B
Champion: Team of Fujian Association;
Runner-up: Representative Team of Hebei Association;
Third runner-up: Sichuan Association of Township Representative Team;

35-year-old category
Group A
Champion: Shanghai Association Representative Team;
Runner-up: Heilongjiang Country Association Representative Team;
Third runner-up: The Yunnan Association of Countryside Representative Team;
Group B
Champion: Beijing Association Representative Team;
Runner-up: Representative Team of Jilin Association;
Third place: the representative team of the Inner Mongolia Association;

Open group
Champion: Longshang Tianlai Doors and Windows Team
Runner-up: WM WEALTH Real Estate Team
Third place: HP Floor Team
This competition has received support from many sponsors and audiences, especially the strong support of Xueyi International Group, which is headquartered in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific financial center, and specializes in overseas financial real estate investment and assets. It is an international brand enterprise in four business sectors: management configuration, study abroad and immigration consulting, and cultural and sports exchanges. Xueyi International has a global network, and has now set up direct branches in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries; with the concept of “professionalism, transparency and convenience”, it is committed to Provide high-net-worth families with comprehensive one-stop services such as overseas immigration planning, children’s study abroad education, global asset allocation, sports, culture and entertainment. A professional multinational team brings together authoritative financial management experts, first-class overseas real estate analysts, licensed legal immigration consultants, top education planning experts and professional sports culture and entertainment planners, providing full-process, all-weather front-end and mid-end , The back-end point-to-point service.

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