General Description
The Council of Newcomer Organizations has been established in Canada for 10 years, and has gradually become Canada’s most widely covered community, as well as one of the most dynamic and influential associations.
The purpose of our founding is to serve all Canadian ethnic communities, and work hard to bring together the traditional cultures of these ethnic groups.
There are currently 29 governing units, and they are: provincial associations, autonomous regions, and municipalities formed under the Central government of mainland China. The membership consists of many people specialized in science and technology, finance, law, and culture.
The council regularly hosts charitable donations; public welfare activities for elders and children; emergency aid and assistance for local (and overseas) emergencies and natural disasters in Canada; and organization and promotion of sporting events in suitable seasons. These events aim to encourage and promote cultural exchange between the Chinese traditional culture and other ethnic communities that exist in Canada.
In the future, we will strive to continue working hard on the social integration of new immigrants; encourage and help young people fulfill their dreams while making contributions to Canada; and help the Canadian government and society give the elderly more care and warmth。