Chapter 1 General

  1. The name of this association is: COUNCIL OF NEWCOMER ORGANIZATIONS. referred to as CONCO
  2. This association is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization.
    Chapter 2 Purpose
    3.Cooperate with compatriots, serve compatriots, promote exchanges, mutual assistance and cooperation among fellow township associations, unite the strength of Canadian Chinese, safeguard the rights of Canadian Chinese, organize various large-scale activities, carry out exchanges and guidance for international students, and establish a sound Emergency and mutual assistance mechanisms to help difficult compatriots, help new immigrants to settle in employment; enhance the image of Chinese and help their compatriots integrate into Canadian society.
    4.Without intervening in the conference work of the member societies, unless there is a request from the member community, in this case, it is the responsibility to mobilize various forces to provide the necessary assistance to the soliciting community.
  3. In the event of a sudden incident (such as a natural or man-made disaster), actively organize member associations, contact other associations and institutions, and fully mobilize Chinese and overseas Chinese to jointly respond to emergencies.
  4. When the rights of the community, Chinese and member associations are violated, they are obliged to represent the Chinese community and member associations, reflect the demands of the Chinese community and member associations to the government and relevant departments, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and member associations.
  5. During the elections of the federal, provincial and municipal councils, they are obliged to organize member associations and contact other associations, mobilize Chinese to actively participate in the administration of state affairs, fulfill the rights and obligations of citizens, and actively support outstanding candidates of Chinese and other ethnic groups.
  6. Promote exchanges between science and technology, culture, economy, trade and talents in Canada and China.
    Chapter 3 Membership
  7. Eligible
    Any Canadian Chinese Association, who loves and cares for compatriots, cares about and participates in community development, recognizes the charter of this association, can apply to join this association, and after more than half of the members’ representatives, they become members of this association.
  8. Membership Rights
    (1). Have the right to participate in the activities organized by the CONCO, enjoy the services of the CONCO, and obtain the information provided;
    (2). The delegates appointed have the right to vote and be elected, and participate in the management of the CONCO through appropriate procedures;
    (3). Make suggestions or opinions on the management and operation activities of the CONCO, and participate in the formulation and revision of the CONCO’s Constitution;
    (4). Members will voluntarily join the CONCO and withdraw freely.
  9. Member obligations
    (1). Consciously abide by the association’s charter, management system and resolutions;
    (2). Consciously safeguarding the reputation of the CONCO, there must be no acts that damage the reputation of the CONCO. If a member does not abide by the Constitution, does not perform its obligations, or acts to undermine the Association, two-thirds of the members represent Agree to terminate their membership;
    Chapter 4 Member Congress
  10. The representatives of the CONCO members are the president/chairperson (or the designator of the president/chairman) of each Canadian Chinese Association. The member representative is a member of the council of the CONCO; if the new president/chairperson is elected and the representative in the Canadian Chinese Association is required to be replaced, the Canadian Chinese Association may reassign the representative as a member of the CONCO.
  11. The representatives of the CONCO members is the highest authority of the CONCO. The meeting of the representatives of the CONCO members is held at least once a year and is chaired by the Executive Chairman of the CONCO. The board meeting mainly discusses the work report of the previous year’s (including financial report), the work plan of the next annual, the removal of the executive chairman, the co-chair, and other major events of the CONCO.
  12. The notice of the meeting of the representatives of the CONCO members shall be delivered to the members in writing (or electronic version) one week before the meeting, except for urgent special circumstances.
  13. When a member representative cannot attend the meeting. he may entrust other members of the association to attend the meeting.
  14. For major events such as annual meetings, general elections, and amendments to the Constitution of CONCO, the number of valid meetings of the representatives of the CONCO members shall be more than half of the total number of valid members. When the voting is required to be voted on, more than half of the participants vote or agree to veto, and the consent or veto shall be valid.
    Chapter 5 Executive Committee
  15. The Executive Committee is the permanent decision-making and enforcement agency of the CONCO. The number of executive committees should be odd. The convening and moderator of the Executive Committee is the Executive Chairman.
  16. The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year and may convene an interim executive committee meeting upon the proposal of the Executive Chairman or more than one third of the Executive Committee members. The members of the Board meeting must be notified to the members.
  17. The Executive Committee members shall be elected by the meeting of the representatives of the CONCO members. For a term of two years, he may be re-elected, but the term of re-election shall not exceed two. The term of office is not affected by factors such as the change of the association. After the expiration of the term of office, if you no longer represent your association, you cannot become an Executive Committee member of the CONCO.
  18. During the term of the CONCO, the Executive Committee member shall not be authorized by the Executive Committee and shall not represent the CONCO in public.
  19. If the Executive Committee does not participate in the Executive Committee for three consecutive reasons without proper reasons, or if it has been unable to perform its duties for a long time due to illness or other personal reasons, it may stop its duties and notify the members upon discussion and approval by the Executive Committee. The vacancy is subject to by-election by the member representative assembly.
  20. The Executive Committee must reside in the location of the CONCO for more than half of the year, otherwise it will be unsuitable. The unqualified executive members shall be re-elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the procedures.
    23.The Executive Committee shall elect a general election every two years. Each member representative or member representative agent has the right to vote and has only one vote. More than half of the members or members are required to vote. It is valid on behalf of the agent to attend the voting. Each member representative has the right to be elected unless the member representative announces the waiver. The election has the highest number of seven people to become members of the executive committee, and then seven members of the executive committee vote to elect an executive chairman, and the remaining six Co-chairman.
    Chapter 6 Executive Chairman and Co-Chair
    24.The CONCO shall have one executive chairman and six co-chairs. The executive chairman and the co-chair shall be elected by the member representative assembly directly among the member representatives for a term of two years. A debriefing report shall be made to the member representative assembly when the term of office expires. If the report does not receive more than half of the members’ support, the executive chairman will re-elect. During the term of office, it is not affected by factors such as the change of the association. After the two-year term of the executive chairman and co-chairman,the executive chairman can’t re-elected. the co-chairman can be re-elected, but the term of office cannot exceed two. If you want to re-elect, you must wait at least one session before you can stand for election again.
  21. The Executive Chairman is the legal representative of the CONCO. External identities must first represent the CONCO. In the case of multiple identities, no other corporate identity can be placed before the CONCO; the executive chairman should generally no longer serve as the non-primary leadership of other associations; the executive chairman is not co-chaired during the local period. Acting on his behalf.
  22. The Executive Chairman shall be obliged to raise funds for the operation of the CONCO. The Co-Chairman shall be obliged to provide assistance; when leaving, he shall be subject to financial audit, and shall not leave debts to the CONCO. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for supervising the execution. Otherwise, The executive committee has joint responsibility.
    Chapter 7 Secretary
  23. The Secretary is the day-to-day administrative operation agency of the CONCO and is responsible for the daily administrative and financial affairs of the CONCO.
  24. The Secretary shall be nominated by the Executive Chairman among the Executive Committee, and shall be removed by the Executive Committee, and the results shall be reported to the representatives of the members. When the Executive Chairman and the Co-Chair are not in the local period, the Secretary may be entrusted to perform his or her duties.
  25. The Secretary may nominate in the member associations as needed, and shall be studied and appointed by the Executive Committee.
    Chapter VIII Source of Funding
  26. Members actively seek government and various types of funds;
  27. Member activity fee: based on the premise of not profiting, the participation fee will be levied on the participants as appropriate;
  28. Donations from social enthusiasts and businesses
  29. Advertising sponsorship fee, normal activity income.
    Chapter 8 Financial System
    34 The accounting cashier shall be responsible for exercising the financial functions of the CONCO under the leadership of the Executive Committee. The finance staff is elected by the Executive Committee for a term of two years and can be re-elected.
  30. The establishment and improvement of financial statements shall be published once a year; the financial revenue and expenditure of each major event shall be announced within two weeks after the end of the activity.
    36 The daily income and expenditure accounts are managed by part-time personnel; the formal financial statements are entrusted to professional accountants, and financial reports are made at least once a year.
  31. The source and application of funds shall be open and transparent. All expenditures need to be approved by more than half of the members of the Board.
    Chapter 9 Asset Management
  32. All assets and important equipment of the CONCO shall be registered and accounted for by two special persons.
  33. All assets and articles of the CONCO, and any member units and individuals shall not misappropriate the occupation.
    Chapter 10 Honorary Title
  34. Executive Committee shall be responsible for discussing and nominating, and those who have made outstanding contributions to the Association, and the social celebrities of the high-profile society, hire them to re-appoint them as honorary chairmen and consultants of the CONCO, and The Executive Committee members passed.
  35. Entrepreneurs and socially benevolent people are willing to fund the development of the CONCO. After discussion and approval by the Executive Committee, they may be appointed as honorary chairman of the CONCO. The honorary chairman has a two-year term.
  36. After the discussion and adoption of the Executive Committee, the CONCO may employ a number of professional consultants as needed.
    Chapter 11 Headquarter
    43 Headquartered in Toronto
    Chapter 12 Termination Procedures and Property Processing
  37. Major matters such as termination, division, merger, etc. of the Federation shall be decided by the members’ representative meeting.
  38. Before the termination of the CONCO, a liquidation team shall be established to clear creditor’s rights and debts.
    Chapter 13 Others
  39. The General Assembly may, as needed, set up various professional departments such as sports, summer camps, international students, and immigrants, and gradually formulate various work implementation rules to carry out work more effectively.
  40. The Constitution shall be validated or amended by discussion and approval by the member representative assembly. The amendments to the articles of association shall be subject to discussion by more than half of the members’ representatives, and may be amended by the approval of more than 3/4 participants; the revised articles of association shall be valid after being voted by the member representative assembly. The charter is interpreted by the executive committee.
    (This Constitution was discussed and approved by the representatives of the CONCO members on August 18, 2018)